Cutaway Bolt Carrier Group

Only a fraction of the total number of photos we produce for each book can make it in to the final cut. Often that means that some really nice photos will never been seen. However, our plan is to share some of these photos through social media, and now also through the Vickers Guide Blog.

Larry's multi-color carbine cutaway was one of my personal favorites in Volume 2 of the AR-15 Book. Similar in almost all respects to the traditional yellow-trimmed Colt factory cutaways, the use of bold colors on this carbine to highlight the various internal parts makes it a unique eye catcher. While the complete firearm was covered fairly heavily in the book, we did not show the bolt carrier group removed from the upper receiver.

Two important features worth noting in these photos are the trimmed firing pin (not completely visible) and the closed bolt face – safety measures to prevent the firearm from igniting the primer on a rifle round. Due to the large number of machining operations made to this firearm, it is definitely not safe to fire!

However, Larry did later team up with BCM and Joe Barnsfather to make a cutaway carbine that is safe to fire. It can been seen via the following link on the Vickers Tactical YouTube Channel: CUTAWAY VIDEO LINK