LIMITED EDITION Pre-War National Match Print

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LIMITED EDITION Pre-War National Match Print



"What you see on these pages is my honey of a Pre-War Colt National Match Government Model. It was made in 1938 and has a Swartz firing pin safety. It features polishing and bluing that is a long forgotten art on a mass production scale and is the stuff dreams are made of. Colt built a reputation for superior quality in the pre-WWII era with pistols just like this one." – Larry Vickers

As a follow up to our popular Limited Edition Springfield Armory Delta 1911 Print, we are now offering a Limited Run of Colt's Pre-War National Match (found on p. 34 of the Vickers Guide / 1911 Book).

Just like with the prior Limited Edition print, each print will be numbered (x of 100) and signed by Larry Vickers. This will be a one time run for this handgun! It will not be offered again.

Each print will be produced with the same professional quality and in the same size (19" x 13") and format as the initial Limited Edition Print. These are large museum quality prints on premium paper with long lasting inks. They are beautiful framed and will be a great addition to your man cave, gun room or office!

* Run Limited to 100
** Frame not included

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